Roccakush Exclusive Deal: Earn free Weed for buying Turbogenetic Seeds

Finally! The Roccakush mega-deal event is here. Get free of our weed when buying Turbogenetics Seeds. It is really easy. Just add our seeds to your cart. When entering your address do not forget to note what hemp flower variety you want to have.

Do not worry. Just choose one kind of our CBD flowers. If you do not know what to take just let the note field empty while ordering. Without any wishes, we send Roccakush to our costumer.

Beware the requirements are without delivery cost!

How to get free Weed?

50 €1 g
100 €3 g
150 €4 g
300 €7 g
600 €12 g
750 €14 g
850 €16 g
1000 €20 g

Enjoy the best avaible Turbogenetics seeds and get high quality hemp flower like on this picture!  100 % legal and free.

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