Roccakush Update 19.01.20 – V.0.78

We are working on several changes for the Roccakush Online coffeeshop. We want to reward our steady costumers. We have already implemented some small changes for more benefits. We also developing for a Weed Reward System to get free weed in the future. But this feature is still in development.

These New Features are Online now

Instagram Feed is live for everyone

Every Post will be displayed at our Instagram feed. The feed is connected to our Instagram account. So you do not need to go to Instagram to enjoy our 420 content. Our followers are able to win a chill and meet with the Roccakush team. Just contact us on Instagram to participate in this raffle.

Digital Wallet for your Weed Rewards

The digital wallet is the base for our Weed Reward System. You can convert the amount in your wallet to your order and pay less money. There are just these missions to get Free Rewards at the moment:

  • Daily Login
  • Referrals links for traffic

There are some hidden actions how to get more money to your wallet. Maybe you will find our Easter eggs ?

More Express Delivery Services for a Fast Delivery

We added more delivery services for faster delivery in whole Europe.

We have got the feedback that the delivery time was too long for some costumers. Now you can order and get your stuff in 1 or 2 working days.

All of our orders will be delivered via tracking-id. So do not hesitate to enjoy the new service even faster.

More Products are coming!

More products are coming! The new rubric longpapers are going online. We have several ideas in mind for you. But the first will be longpapers and hemp seeds.

Win Free Weed with the Lucky Wheel

Try your luck and win free CBD flower. Everyone can spin the wheel one time daily. Win Free Buds, Longpapers or mega discounts! Beware, we ware updating the wheel from time to time.

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